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Ryse Up Bungee Studio

A fun boutique fitness studio

Looking for a new workout experience that is low impact and still burn a lot of calories? It all happens here. We offer a variety of fun classes with bungees and non bungee classes.  We offer a selection of affordable options for you to come in and enjoy what these new classes are all about. Explore this website to learn more about our classes. Follow us on Facebook @ Ryse Up Bungee Studio or join our FB group @Ryseupbungeestudiogallery

Movement is KEY! Stay Active! No movement is too small! 

Mission Statement

The Ryse Up Bungee Team believes in being creative with fitness through fun, innovative, and low impact movement using bungees and floorwork. We strive to provide a safe and effective workout in our studio while having fun. The goals are for our patrons to increase flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength. We hope to have our guests smiling and laughing while getting the benefits of a workout. We believe in creating a Ryse Up family/crew and welcome anyone that just wants to stay active and keep moving. 

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