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Have Questions?

What is bungee fitness?

Bungee fitness is a high cardio low impact exercise where the individual is put into a harness and attached to a bungee that is secured safely to the ceiling.   Individuals will be able to perform squats and burpees and create movement unlike before with bungees.


What is Rebounder class?

Rebounder class is a class utilizing mini trampolines and creates a low impact and high cardio class. This class works with upbeat music and burn calories at a fast rate without hurting the joints. 

Weight Limits?

Bungee Weight limit: Min 90lbs - Max 275 lbs

Trampoline Weight limit: Max 325lbs

Age Limits

Ages: 14 + 

As long as they meet the minimum weight limit

What should I bring to class?

  •  Water bottles         

  • Tennis Shoes/ Yoga socks

  • Long leggings/shorts down to the knees that are not loose shorts for bungee

Who shouldn't attend bungee/rebounder classes?

Anyone who has had back/shoulder surgery/knee or hip within the last year should not attend. Please consult with primary physician if any question regarding your health and exercise regime. Anyone that is pregnant is not able to get into a bungee. 

Does bungee fitness hurt?

Just like with any new exercise, it takes time to get used it. You will be sore after the first time in a harness with a bungee. There may even be light bruising on inner thighs or hips area. We will have padding to insert in these areas to assist in helping with preventing the soreness that will come with bungee fitness. Once the body gets used to it, there is nothing but incredible benefits and will see results when you continue to workout with bungees. 

If you have had a history regarding ribs dislocation, bungee is not a class for you. The harness do sit tight below the ribs but due to the nature of bungee pulling, it will naturally move up to the ribs. 

What other things should I know before going to bungee class?

We recommend not eating anything super heavy one hour before attending bungee class.


Every participant will have to sign a waiver before class starts.


When entering the studio, we ask that everyone check in daily at the kiosk at the front of the studio. 

Do you have memberships?

We offer a variety of memberships that are bungee or non bungee memberships. Head to the Sign up page and create an account. The account is free and will lead you to our booking site where you can see all the memberships we offer.

How does Prepaid package process work?

After purchasing a prepaid package, you will be required to sign back in to book a class. This is for security reason through the booking site. Credits will be issued when you purchase a package to use when booking a class. You may view your credits and when they expire in your account. 

How do I sign up for classes?

On the our webpage under sign up/membership, is where you will see it say sign up. Once you sign up, it will direct you to the booking page and then from there you will be able to select what classes you want to book. You must sign up before booking a class on our page. 

Do you have gift certificates?

We do offer gift certificates. People will be able to come to our studio during office hours to purchase a class, package or a private party gift voucher. The recipient must come in to studio to redeem the voucher.Gift certificates and private party vouchers are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

How to book a private party?

You can book a party online or email us if the date you see online does not work for you group. Party attendees must be 90 lbs and at least 14 years or older. 

It is advised before a party that you eat something light an hour before because while fun, it is a workout. Please bring water, wear tennis shoes, and long shorts or leggings. 

Why was my class cancelled?

Ryse Up Bungee studio will cancel classes for the following reasons:

1. If only one person signed up for a class. We need 2 or more people signed up for a class in order for class to resume. Credits will be given back if we cancel due to low attendance.

2. Weather related incidents. If there is bad weather and unsafe for travel we will cancel classes. You will receive credits back if we cancel due to weather.

3. Lack of instructor or family emergency. We have a limited amount of staff and if for any reason at all we can't get classes filled with an instructor, we will call the class off and reimburse the credit. 

4. If no one has signed up 12 hours before the class is to be held, the class will automatically be canceled.

Do you have Silver Sneakers? Or Renew Active?

We do have a contract with Renew Active. Anyone with United Healthcare Renew Active account will be able to receive 8 free classes a month in our 55+ program. We are currently in talks with Silver Sneakers program.

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