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Class Descriptions

Intro to Bungee 
This class MUST be taken once before other bungee classes. We go over all basics. Class is 50-60 minutes.

Cardio Bounce is a class that is 30 minutes long and focus on cardio workouts with fantastic music and moves that don't hurt the joints.


Stepz is a great cardio class for any one of any fitness type. Can burn up to 400 calories in 40 minutes! Great music and great moves that are easy to follow.

All Body Pilates

This 60 minute class on Wednesday evenings focuses on all the body parts. Super easy on the joints and slow and controlled movements.


This is a 
45 minute class focused on Kickboxing moves with individual work, partner work and Self Defense moves at the end of each class. 

Bungee Burn
This is a 45 minutes class HIIT style. This combines, upper body, lower body and cardio workout.


This 30 minute class focuses on upperbody strength using dumbbells and bodyweight.


This 45 minute class focuses on important core muscles of the abdomen, back, and glutes. This class will soon be switched to Pilates  once the instructor gets certified. 

Stations of the Gym

This 45 minute class is a class that will push your body with cardio, strengthening and core.
You still go to your body's ability and your pace, but it will challenge you mentally and physically. This is circuit style class and we use all sorts of different tools to get the results you will want. 


This is a 30-45 minute class focuses on joint mobility and stretching. This class helps with muscle recovery after working out all week. It is very slow and improve mobility in all areas of the body from neck to toes. 

Bungee Classes

Mini Trampoline Classes

Non-Bungee Classes

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